September 7-8 2016. Tbilisi, Georgia


Marina Nikerova: “TLDStat is a universal and unique service”


The second day of the Conference was opened by the session “New gTLD”. While opening the session Moderator Irina Danelia, Coordination Center, highlighted that program New gTLD brings about core changers on the domains market. “It’s a new round of battle for the users”, Irina said.

Paul Kane, NIC.AС, continued the theme of competition for the users between traditional and new gTLDs. By his estimation many new gTLDs will not work, they may repeat the destiny of. MOBI, .NAME and others. Paul Kane supposes that the program new gTLD is not threatening the development of gTLDs as these domains are meant for different purposes.

Werner Staub and Ilia Bazliankov, CORE, told about the potential of Cyrillic gTLDs as well as about barriers which they may face on the way of development. The main obstacle for the development of Cyrillic gTLDs the speakers named the habits of users, registrars and web-masters. Only 8 applications for Cyrillic gTLDs were made within the framework New gTLD that is not much in their opinion.

Alexander Panov, Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development, devoted his speech to domains .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. He believes that these domains may interest users both by their price and an opportunity to choose a domain name in the free domain zone.

The final session of the Conference “Regisry-Regisrar business: collaboration models, marketing and services” attracted the record number of speakers. The issues discussed were the national models of collaboration between registries and registrars, the use of statistics in the work of registries, social media as a tool of marketing promotion of domain names.

Kadamjon Safiev, .TJ, Anna Karakhanyan, .AM, Juhani Juselius, .FI, spoke about the activity of national registries. The told the participants of the Conference about their experience of ccTLDs development and problems faced by registries in their work.

Joke Braeken, EURid, emphasized marketing initiatives in domain .EU. The domain of EU is one of the most stable ones in Europe. Annually more than 80% of domain names are prolonged, the growth of the domain amounts to 5, 5% per year. EURid performs hard work with registrars, in particular, it provides language support of all countries constituting EU.

Alexander Overchenko, SEDO, particularized on the activity of the major domain trade site working on the secondary market of domains.

A new statistics service TLDStat, created on the basis of resource “Domains of Russia” was presented to the participants of the Conference by Marina Nikerova, TCI. Gives a chance to get comprehensive, diverse and daily updated statistics about the state of the domain zone, which is being administered by the customer. The service is universal and flexible, it allows to focuse on the interest of a specific registry.

Katrina Sataki, NIC.LV, told about the necessity of TLDStat service for domain .LV. “Statistics help to check your data and reveal problems unseen before. For example, we revealed domain names administrators that were not yet born”, Katrina Sataki shared her opinion of work with TLDStat. Domain statistics helped to find out how and with whom registrars work, to analyze users requests, to reveal problems with the prolongation of domain names in .LV. Domain .LV became first non-Russian gTLD that used TLDStat.

Social media and their role in the development of registrar business became the topics of reports made by Michele Neylon, Blacknight, and Masha Dikanovich, .ME. Michele Neylon supposes that promotion of domain name through social networks is one of the most modern and efficient marketing tools. Masha Dikanovich agreed with him and demonstrated the efficiency of the use of social networks for registrar business in terms of domain. ME.

At that the 5th International Conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS and Central and Eastern Europe finished its work.

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